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Dr Jennifer Quinn, ND

My goal is to provide exceptional holistic care for your
root-cause issues so that you may live your life to the fullest, in optimal health.

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Dr Alyssa Marley, ND

 I can help you get to the root cause of your symptoms and give you the tools necessary to restore your unique body’s state of optimal being. 

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Dr Lauren Marcoullier, ND DC

Every person is unique on their health journey and my goal is to meet you where you are and help remove any obstacles to health.

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Rachel Burt Phlebotomist

I started my career in Healthcare over 20 years ago as a Certified Nurse’s Aide and Personal Care Attendant working with the elderly and disabled population in their homes. I became a Certified Phlebotomist in 2011 and worked in a traditional family care office and lab. I have over 10 years of experience drawing patients of all ages, including pediatrics. Making the change from a traditional health office to naturopathic office has been rewarding for me, as I truly believe in treating the whole person. Personally I am a mother of three grown children, an avid fan of all kinds of music and a self-proclaimed beachbum and bookworm!

Nancy Cressy

I became a patient of Dr. Quinn in 2008. Although I was working in standard medicine, I knew that was not the lifestyle I wanted to pursue, nor was it the path to health. I fully believe in the benefits of naturopathic health care and have seen the results in my own life. In fact, with Dr. Quinn’s encouragement, I became a certified nutrition consultant in 2011. I enjoy being able to help patients here at Quinn Family Health achieve their health goals or at least get started on the path to healing.  I am thrilled to be part of the team!

Jackie REfsdal

I had my first introduction to naturopathic medicine 20 years ago as a patient of Dr Quinn. I’m a big believer in treating the whole person, so working in this environment was a good fit for me. As an added bonus, I’m surrounded by a great team! In my free time I enjoy traveling around this beautiful country in my motor home, reading, meditating, and being in nature. 

Kathryn Yingst

I am a big fan of approaching health holistically. Back when my child was in preschool, Dr. Quinn put together a plan that really helped her focus.

I love being in nature. Fresh air and sunshine make me feel content and centered. I also love animals. We currently have two wiry dogs and a huge fluffy cat that live with us. 

One of my hobbies is writing, and I belong to a small group of writers and artists who meet regularly. 

Being a part of QFH feels like a great fit, and I am excited to be part of the team!

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