Natural Pharmacy

At Quinn Family Health, we offer an online and on-site natural pharmacy so patients can conveniently access the herbs and supplements our doctors recommend for support in your treatment plan.




FullScript Online Natural Pharmacy

FullScript, our online natural pharmacy offers a wide range of supplements that you can order as needed at your convenience and have them shipped to your door. Orders over $50 receive $5 expedited shipping. Your doctor will enter your recommended supplements, and you will receive and email from Fullscript informing you that your prescription is ready. Simply click the link to create an account and order what you need. You can re-order at any time by logging into your FullScript account.




On-Site Natural Pharmacy

We keep a small inventory at our Portsmouth NH office of items for acute needs (such as colds and UTIs), herbal tinctures for custom blends, and commonly used items that are not available on FullScript. 


Brands/Items we stock in the office that are not available on FullScript:

  • Beyond Balance (ENL-TX, MC-BB-2, MC- BAR-2)
  • Byron White (A-Bart, A-Bab, A-L Complex)
  • MedChem Research (Lauricidin)
  • Researched Nutritionals (HistaQuel, Transfer Factor Multi-Immune, Trifortify Orange and Watermelon)
  • Thorne (Basic Prenatal)
  • Woodland Essence (Cryptolepsis, Japanese Knotweed)
  • Xymogen (Curcuplex-95)


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