Office Visits


New Patient Visits:


We offer in-office visits as well as telehealth and phone visits. This is a unique time and we want to be sure our patients receive exceptional, safe, individualized, proactive healthcare.

Our first office visits vary in length as we work to meet your unique needs.

Our 90-120 minute comprehensive in-office first visit is for the majority of our new patients. During this time, the goal is to get to know you, and to get to the root causes of your imbalances. Dr. Quinn and Dr. Christoforou, as Naturopathic Doctors, are trained to take a complete history, create a timeline and gather in-depth information about you. They will perform a physical exam during this visit and may order lab tests or other diagnostic testing to help formulate a diagnosis. You will leave this visit with a treatment plan to help you on your path to wellness.





We also are offering first office visits via TeleHealth. These visits are 60-90 minutes in length. You can expect the same initial intake and relationship building during this visit time. Dr. Quinn and Dr. Christoforou may order diagnostic laboratory or imaging tests as well. You will finish this visit with an individualized treatment plan to begin your journey to wellness. Often after this visit, an in-office follow-up visit is scheduled for a physical exam and review of lab work.



Return Visits

These visits range in length of time from 10 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the information we need to review together. We use this time together to review how you are feeling, what has improved, what is new, conduct physical exams as needed and to review any test results together. By the end of the visit we will revise your plan as needed.

Acute Tick Care

Due to the epidemic of tick borne illness in this region, Dr. Quinn and Dr. Christoforou offer Acute Tick Bite Visits for new or returning patients. These visits are typically 30 minutes in length with the focus on getting you immediate care for your tick bite to help prevent future tick borne illnesses.

School Physicals & Well-Child Visits

We love this time with your children. It helps us build healing relationships and allows us time to help teach your children how to take great care of themselves. This is the time to celebrate your child’s good healthy choices and provide advice on ways to improve on their self care, diet and supplementation. This visit is for parents and their children of all ages, recommended annually or more frequently under the age of two! Visit lengths are typically 30-60 minutes.

Acute Visits

Once you are our patient, we want you to know we are here for you and your children. We have time for those unexpected illnesses, or accidents. Reach out to our front office and they will find time for you in either Dr. Quinn or Dr. Christoforou’s schedule.

Of course, if you are experiencing an emergent medical need, you will need to proceed to your nearest emergency room for care.



Vitamin Injections

Our doctors administer vitamin injections as indicated to patients in office.




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